Wim de Bell

2007 – present
● Independent historian, museum advisor, researcher and author
● Bureau DE BELL / www.debell.nl

2007 – 2020
● Partner in Mapping History / www.mappinghistory.nl

2004 – 2007
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

● Curator 20th-century collection and presentation, Dutch History Department
● Head Curating Commission for the 20th century
● Member of General Commission for Museum Displays for the New Rijksmuseum

1991- 2003
● Curator Amsterdam Historical Museum (today known as Amsterdam Museum)

● Modern and Contemporary History, University of Amsterdam


⦿ Work experience


● Independent research and writing.
● Work in progress: A book on Wally van Hall, banker to the resistance.

● OYFO Techniekmuseum Hengelo, writing

● Advisor Resistance Museum Amsterdam

2008 – 2018
Anne Frank House
● Advisor on concept and content; member of curating commission regarding new permanent presentation, including the Secret Annexe and a special room for the original diaries of Anne Frank; in close cooperation with Berlin-based designers Dagmar and Georg von Wilcken.
● 2007-2013 several museum projects and adjustments in permanent museum presentation
● Development and implementation of a new corporate style
● Concept development and production of 5 temporary exhibitions

2015 -2017
● Advisor NL Film (Dutch film company)

Slot Zuylen Castle
Idea, production, research, project management digital Historical Atlas, website and animation-film commisioned by the Castle management

Royal Palace Soestdijk / Central Government Real Estate Agency
Production, research, project management of exhibition titled On Soestdijk, in former royal palace, Soest.

2009 – 2010
Resistance Museum Amsterdam
Idea, concept, research and project-management for website and exhibition:
Walraven van Hall, banker to the Resistance

2008 – 2009
National Archives
Concept, realization and production of special website for ‘public history’: www.hetverhalenarchief.nl

2007 – 2019
Mapping History (owner/partner)

Idea, research, production and project management of digital historical mapping, animation films and websites on commission from several Dutch heritage institutions:

● Westfries Archief / www.westfriesekaart.nl
● Hannemahuis Harlingen
● Museum Rotterdam
● Museum Gouda
● Historical Museum The Hague / www.haagsekaart.nl
● City Archives The Hague / www.haagsekaart.nl
● Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen
● Slot Zuylen Castle www.landvanzuylen.nl

2004 – 2007
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
● Curator for the section on 20th-century Dutch History; developing the permanent exhibition for the New Rijksmuseum.
● Chair of the working party and advisory committee on the 20th century
● Member of general commission for museum display, responsible for assessing plans and concepts concerning museum displays, content and set-up in the New Rijksmuseum.

1991 – 2003
Amsterdams Historisch Museum
Curator, History of Amsterdam.
Involved in research, concepts, writing, curating and museum innovations. Production of exhibitions on many subjects, such as Cabinets of Art and Curiosities in the 17th century, photo exhibitions and (in 1999) a new museum department on the19th and 20th century. Also involved in the making of  audiovisuals in close cooperation with filmers, web developers and designers.


2005 – 2018
Jan Wagenaar Foundation
Foundation for the promotion of academic research into the history of Amsterdam. This Foundation initiated the publication of a four-volume academic history of Amsterdam, titled Geschiedenis van Amsterdam, IV delen (Amsterdam 2007) (History of Amsterdam, IV parts).


⦿ Writing

Work in progress: A book on Wally van Hall, banker to the resistance, literary non-fiction.

‘Country Cousin and Dirty Girl. Dutch Identity and Documentary Photography since 1945’, in: Dutch Eyes. A Critical History of Photography in the Netherlands (Waanders/Stichting Fotografie in Nederland, 2007)

Document Nederland. Nederland gefotografeerd, 1975-2005 (Amsterdam, 2005). (Book on Dutch documentary photography in the collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam)

Wouter Laps Panorama van de jaren ’70, in: Bulletin van het Rijksmuseum (2005, jaargang 53, nr 3)

Contributions to exhibition catalogue Kopstukken. Amsterdammers geportretteerd, 1600-1800 (Amsterdam 2002). (Portraits of Amsterdam bigwigs)

‘Het verleden is geen museum’, in: Museumstukken. 75 jaar Amsterdams Historisch Museum. Jaarboek van het Genootschap Amstelodamum, nr. 93 (Amsterdam 2001), 128-130. (Article titled ‘The past is not a museum’)

Contributions to exhibition catalogue: Distant Worlds made Tangible: art and curiosities. Dutch Collections, 1585-1735 (Amsterdam 1992) (Exhibition showing Cabinets of curiosities)